Winemaker Cellar Update: 2016 Blocks 18 & 19

20th Aug 2019 @ 14:54 by Sue

Believe it or not, I think all Winemakers get nervous when opening the first bottle of a new wine just before it’s due to be released. Is it living up to expectations? Has it finally settled down from bottling? Has it become the wine we all knew it could be?

Well, I opened a bottle of Block 18/19 from 2016 last night. My heart rate started to climb as I pulled the cork and poured a splash in my glass. Chocolate, cherries, and black plum overwhelmed my nose, and my pulse steadied. The palate is full and luscious with beautifully fine tannin, and more black fruits. (Reminder: Block 18/19 always benefits immensely from good aeration and, if you can wait, some bottle aging.)

So now I can relax; I’m sure it won’t be too long before you and the 2016 TR Passalacqua Blocks Eighteen & Nineteen will be doing the same.

  • Jessica Boone, Winemaker