Winemaker Cellar Update: 2016 Block 23

22nd Aug 2019 @ 09:59 by Sue

We’ll be releasing the 2016 Block Twenty Three Cabernet Sauvignon this September, so I wanted to check on its progress and share my thoughts with you.

The aromatics of this wine are bursting out right now, with lots of mashed blackberries and fleshy black plums that have been soaking in a cedar bowl dusted with cocoa. The palate is developing the weight, luxurious richness, and depth we’ve all come to expect from this block.

We only make two barrels and don’t ferment the Block Twenty Three in tank like our other wines. Instead we ferment the grapes directly in new French oak. It’s very labor intensive to pop the heads off the barrels, punch down the fruit every day and then reassemble the barrels. However, worth it for the depth and complexities that this wine will continue to reveal over time.

I’m sure you can look forward to a great bottle of 2016 Block Twenty Three Cabernet by a fireside near you in the not too distant future.

  • Jessica Boone, Winemaker