Winemaker Cellar Update: 2016 Block 4

20th Aug 2019 @ 14:53 by Sue

“You are not supposed to have favorites”

Many of you have children and you know, like I do, that you are not supposed to have favorites. Having said that we are all individuals, as well as parents, and we can love them all but be naturally drawn to one personality more than another.

That’s how I feel about the Block Four Cabernet Sauvignon. It could be the north facing slope in this quiet corner of the ranch, perhaps the slower ripening of the fruit, or the consistent depth and density of the wine – whatever it is, something about this block speaks to me.

Of course the beauty of our block program is that you can discover for yourself the charms and strengths of each site and what you are captivated by. The balanced dark fruit of the 2016 TR Passalacqua Block Four is softening nicely now. I’m already imagining it with seared bone in pork chops and a dark plum compote. Something to look forward to!

  • Jessica Boone, Winemaker