TR Passalacqua Ranch

We harvest four to six different blocks of TR Passalacqua Ranch’s 24 blocks each year, selecting those that we find yield exquisite personality and character.

Each block is kept separate and matched to its perfect oak barrel, where it ages for up to two years. We bottle a very limited Block-select series that allows the nuances of specific areas of the vineyard to show in the glass. We also blend the blocks together to create our seductive, classic Cabernet.

All of the grapes for our coveted Cabernets come from the TR Passalacqua Ranch, 100 acres of Cabernet grapevines divided into 24 different blocks (shown above). These prized 17-year-old vines are all clone 7, on either 4453 or 101-14 rootstock, selected specifically for this site. Located on the western slope of Dry Creek Valley at a 400-foot elevation, the Ranch has varying soil types and numerous exposures, each of which contributes a different flavor profile to the grape.

The quality of the fruit comes not only from the exceptional terrain of the vineyard, but also from the meticulous farming practices we use at Passalacqua Ranch. We grow balanced vines, using bunch thinning and limited irrigation to ensure the highest quality fruit, and dropping fruit to promote even ripening. Finally, picking only the morning side of each vine, which has been slowly ripened, gives our winemaker the perfect grape.