Meant to be Shared

Wine is a part of life, to be enjoyed with friends and family. Sharing wine with loved ones brings us together and helps us to slow down, pause, and toast to life’s moments, both big and small. We invite you and your loved ones to join us at Passalacqua, to share wine and take a moment to breathe, tell stories, make memories, and appreciate life.

Pairs Well with Fresh Air

We enjoy some of our favorite moments outdoors, and wine comes with us. Whether we’re hiking, hunting, foraging mushrooms, drinking the view, gardening, fishing, or four wheeling, there is always a moment to pause, come together, and celebrate the shared experience with the pop of a cork and the clink of a wine glass. Wine needn’t be put on a pedestal or saved for the good company. Maybe your special place to enjoy a glass is at the beach, or on a boat, or by the campfire. Maybe it’s right in your backyard looking at stars on a warm evening, or perhaps it’s another middle school band performance. Wherever the place and whatever the occasion, it’s always the right moment to enjoy Passalacqua wine.

Vineyard to Glass

Wine is best when it’s made from the purest ingredients and prepared simply, and our vineyard designate philosophy embodies that ethos. At Passalacqua, we take beautifully farmed fruit from our Dry Creek Valley Cabernet Ranch, and beyond, and let it shine in the glass.

Wine for the Wild

We know exactly where each grape in our glass comes from, and we like to know where our food comes from too. We eat or share everything we garden, forage, fish and hunt. These ingredients are best prepared simply. Wood fired pizza topped with fresh chanterelles and local cheese. Fresh duck breast, seared in olive oil with rosemary, sliced and eaten right off the cutting board… no recipe needed. Pair with a glass of Passalacqua, and there is nothing better. There’s magic in balance and harmony, when pure ingredients are made for each other.

Drink With Us

We prefer this old-world style of living, eating and drinking from the land we live on. Respecting the time-honored traditions of hunting, foraging, and preserving what grows here. Making wine with the finest grapes and cooking food with the freshest ingredients. Then bringing it full circle by sharing the food and wine with loved ones to celebrate the life we live. Thank you for making Passalacqua part of your life.

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