Cabernet Sauvignon


"When those rare and special moments come along in your life,
you should have a wine to match it."

The Choice of The Vineyard

The TR Passalacqua vineyard rises above the mist as a beacon for Cabernet Sauvignon in a region better known for its Zinfandel wines. In 1979 Tom and Sandi Passalacqua purchased an undulating Charolais cattle ranch, 600 feet above the Dry Creek Valley floor, that had just been converted to a ‘Cabernet Ranch.’ Tom sells most of the fruit as a contract grower. However, year after year he has also allowed us to roam the property before harvest and take our choice of each vintage’s fruit. Over time this has provided the bedrock for our TR Passalacqua Estate Cabernet.

'Single Block' Cabernet Sauvignon

In addition to the TR Passalacqua Estate Cabernet, those in the know have discovered our very limited single block Cabernet Sauvignon program. These wines illuminate the fascinating differences between elevations, soil types and the orientation of a few favorite parcels, all from this one contiguous hillside vineyard.

Clone 7 Pedigree

These distinctions are even more interesting because the whole ranch is planted to the same clone of Cabernet, Clone 7. This clone was first developed in the 1960’s between UC Davis and Jim Concannon of Concannon vineyard from a clone sourced from a single vine that was brought to California from Chateau Margaux in 1893.

A Cooler Influence

The vineyard nudges the northern edge of the Russian River viticultural area . The cooler climate Cabernet Sauvignons from Passalacqua have a darker brooding character. They have the inherent structure to age gracefully and hold their freshness over a decade or more. They lean toward a more European character and are deliciously food centric.

Special Moments

Our rare Cabernet Sauvignon cellar aged wines provide you the chance to experience the aroma and taste of a vintage and season long since passed. Please note there may be purchase limits on some vintages or bottlings.