2018 PQZ Zinfandel

Tasting Notes

Creating this blend was challenging, humbling, and just plain fun. It’s a different mindset to create a blend, rather than shepherd a vineyard style. It took weeks of tasting and re tasting all of our barrels (who wants my job?!) to find just the right components, and the right combination of components that would showcase the unique attributes of Dry Creek Valley. What I hope you find in the glass is a balanced, luscious Zinfandel. The nose is black plum, and dried cherry. The palate has some weight that is lifted with dried cranberry and dusty tannin, bringing to mind our beautiful red soils. The finish is long and structured, leaving your taste buds asking for more. PQZ is the Passalacqua Zinfandel – coming from our home, to yours. Cheers!

Winemaker's Notes

What is PQZ, you may be asking yourself? This wine is our interpretation of what the perfect Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel should be. It is comprised of some of our favorite vineyards in Dry Creek with the idea that the whole can be greater than the sum of its parts. Passalacqua has made Dry Creek Valley its home for nearly 16 years now. We have made a name for ourselves with Vineyard designate wines, highlighting a specific sense of place. The PQZ blend is an opportunity to branch out and play with all the “spices” in the spice drawer to bring you the essence of Dry Creek Valley Zin.

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