FUTURES: 2019 Lavender Hill Primitivo case

FUTURES: 2019 Lavender Hill Primitivo case

Released in Spring of 2021.

Buying futures means you pay for wines that are still aging in barrel and will not be released for at least a year. Wine is sold by the case only (12 bottles). This will guarantee you access to our most limited production wines at the very lowest price available.

Tasting Notes

The hilltop exposure and gravelly soil of Lavender Hill produce a wine with intense aromas, deep colors and flavors, balanced by nice acidity. The nose on this wine is the most distinctive of all our Zinfandels. Maybe it is due to the lavender planted all around the property, but aromas of dried lavender and sweet dried herbs dominate, followed by a briary red raspberry, toasted baking spices, and a hint of pine duff. The palate reveals candied cherries, vanilla, and touches of oak, opening up to a silky structure. The finish lingers, and the flavors continue to unfold on this extremely complex and unique Zinfandel.

Winemaker Notes

Lavender Hill Vineyard is a south-facing hillside location, offering ample sun, and rich, rocky soil. The vines of Lavender Hill receive just enough water throughout the growing season to keep the fruit maturing to perfection. Thought to be the European twin of Zinfandel, Primitivo is a grape rich in history and lore but just beginning to become popular. It is an early ripening grape, yet one that produces juicy, well-structured wines rich with pigment and concentration.