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Pair Wild

Passalacqua pairs perfectly with wild foods because they share a key component: purity of flavor

Know the Source

Almost all of our wines are Vineyard Designates, which means that 95% of the fruit in the bottle must come from that vineyard. You love these wines because we made them as true, pure expressions of their source. They do not taste manipulated or mass-produced because they are not. Knowing the source is everything. When quality fruit goes in our bottle, quality swirls and leaps from your glass.

We find, and I bet you do too, that the same is true with food. When you start with quality ingredients from your favorite store, farmer’s market, secret source, or garden – your finished dish has a purity of flavor that is unmatched. Like a vineyard designated wine, food tastes better when you intimately know the quality of the source.

Pair Wild

These days, it’s much easier to avoid the overwhelming amount of soulless and over-processed offerings out there. You can seek out the organic, locally grown, clean, grass-fed, pasture-raised options. We have always enjoyed wild and foraged food with our wines. If you don’t gather your own, you can source wild mushrooms, wild game, and wild fish and shellfish from your market or by mail from specialist suppliers.

Recommended Sources

We pair Passalacqua wines with wild foods because the purity of flavor in our wines pairs perfectly with the purity of flavor in those ingredients. We will share our pair wild recommendations on our new back labels. Look for them with each new release.

While some pairings will not surprise you, we have discovered some spectacular and surprising combinations. Our recommendations will be shown on the bottle and the recipe discoveries will be featured on our website. Years of personal relationships have yielded many wild game chefs contributing some of their favorite recipes to our site. Each recipe gives credit and a link to the original. Be sure to browse our recipe collection and the others referenced on our pages.

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We’d love to include your favorite pairings and recipes. Submit your photos, pairing suggestions, and recipes to